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How To Optimize an Online Press Release

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By +Steve Estrellado | @steveestro | Download PDF

An online press release is another vital component to your SEO strategy.  Use an online press release to increase online visibility, gain rankings in search engines and appear on highly ranked (Google PageRank) news sites.

Most companies use online press releases to:
> Generate buzz about a new product or service
> Announce a new client or business relationship
> Showcase any other significant company news

In order to get noticed you need to write for the news sites searching for your industries products or services and the search engines that index your content.

In order to get a better understanding of SEO, I first recommend reading my blog on SEO (Small Business: 10 Point SEO Checklist).

It is important to determine the exact keyword phrase that you would like your online press release to be indexed under. Keyword phrases are a set of search terms that people use to find your content.

3 attributes for keyword phrase optimization:
  1. Location:   Relevant keywords should be concentrated within the title, url and headline.
  2. Density:  Refers to the weight of keyword usage. Top 3-5 keyword phrases should incorporate up to 10% of your content.
  3. Frequency: Search engines are programmed to provide more prominence to fresh content.

Keyword Rich Content: Use keyword rich content that is brief and easy for readers to scan for relevancy.
Anchor Text: Anchor text is text used to describe your content to search engines.
Hyperlinks: Hyperlinks should direct readers back to your website.  Limit in text links to one link per 100 words.

Write relevant content that would engage your targeted readers.  Attach logos, head shots, product shots, audio / video files, PDF’s or any other supplemental materials.  In closing, a strong online press release should garnish incremental website traffic and higher search engine ranking.

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