Sunday, November 3, 2013

Google Hummingbird will Affect 90% of all SEO

By +Steve Estrellado | @steveestro | Download PDF

Google Hummingbird will now comprehend your search query.  Everyone thinks differently (Google gets that)—people search for the same thing, but use different words to search it.  Most people are creating long-tail intent based searches, i.e. users' searches are becoming longer and more specific.

For example if you own a local restaurant, your best bet would be to write content (on your blog) that describes the meal, experience, price and relevancy to your local area.  Google’s crawlers will be able to comprehend your content and display it accurately to the user.

Google aims to filter out keyword based websites—putting higher relevance to conversation based websites.  From my professional opinion, that means a fully integrated digital presence.  Your web integration should include your company’s: website, social media, review sites and blog (with conversation based comments).

On your part, think of search as if you were talking to your neighbor.  Speak colloquially; use terms that your neighbor would understand—Google will too.

If you are an experienced web programmer, concentrate on structured data, i.e. rich snippets of data relevant to the users’ query.  Structured data will help rank your web properties even more so on search.